New Tokyo Encounter!!!

Hey minna saaaaan!!!

There is a new season of Tokyo Encounter!
Here are the first two episodes! (Although they are continuing with the season 1 numbering so they are #25 and #26)

Following the previous seasons pattern, there are no guests yet.

Uploaded to mediafire:
Tokyo Encounter (Sugita Tomokazu + Nakamura Yuuichi) 25 -14.05.05-
Tokyo Encounter (Sugita Tomokazu + Nakamura Yuuichi) 26 -14.05.19-

The previous episodes can be found in this folder btw :D
too close!

Posting issues

I have no idea why people are experiencing issues
What I can tell you is that currently there is nothing in the moderation queue.

I would love it if someone would try to post an entry though, however.
Upon doing so please check the date before posting.

I have turned off the spam protection, as it's the only thing in the settings i could see as causing issues. It could also have been a hiccup in the system. It seems to be just recently this has started as well. No settings have been change since I have no idea when.

I've now spent all my free time and must dash out the door to work. Hopefully this will resolve itself.


Okay should be good to go now. LJ changed a setting and we all suffer. Here's hoping nothing happens like this anytime soon.
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