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You-kyan cute!

Layout update

Just a small change.
We are now sporting a new header image. I thought it was time I attempted to make a better one.

scan credit goes to: kakushiteiru .
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(Bursts out laughing hysterically) Nakamura was a boar/pig as Telsa in Bleach and now he's appears in episode 13 in recent FMA. Finally. Surely this piggy-bank have lots of money...

You-kyan rabu

NEWS - Duet CD

And just right after Neo Angelique's Mission Complete.
I know, wonderful right?


Character Song CD of "Love Root Zero"
Release Date: 27/09/2008

Featuring Kouichi (Sugita Tomokazu) & Hayakawa (Nakamura Yuuichi)
As close friends, they will be singing a DUET.

Yes. Sugita Tomokazu and Nakamura Yuuichi will be singing TOGETHER.
Maybe it's just me getting all hyped up by Sugi/You-kyan... X3;;
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This community is friends-locked with open membership. ♥
The moderators are: dark_alone  & crafty_boy

Fangirling/boying is not only expected, but wanted. ^_^ Please free to post pictures, share CDs, rant about how much you love him, that sort of thing. ^^

A few Basic Rules
1. Please Friend lock all posts.
2. Please comment when taking something that is shared.
3. No leeching. Saying thank you isn't too hard.
4. As always have fun and spread the You-kyan love!
5. Please remember an ljcut is your friend. When posting anything that is big in size, or could be a spoiler please use one. ^^

Help us out and tell your LJ buddies about you_kyan ! It would be muchly appreciated. ^^
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