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you_kyan's Journal

中村悠一 - Nakamura Yuuichi -
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A communtiy for the fans of the seiyuu, Nakamura Yuuichi.
You-kyan info:
[Born] February 20th, 1980
[Where] Kagawa Prefecture
[Height] 5'7" (175cm)
[Weight] 143 lbs (65 kg)

Fangirling (boys too) is not only expected, but wanted. ^_^ Please feel free to post pictures, share CDs, rant about how much you love him, that sort of thing. ^^

A few Basic Rules
1. Please Friend lock all posts.
2. Please comment when taking something that is shared.
3. No leeching. Saying thank you isn't too hard.
4. As always have fun and spread the You-kyan love!
5. Please remember an ljcut is your friend. When posting anything that is big in size, or could be a spoiler please use one. ^^

You may make an Intro post if you wish too. We're a small community currently, and don't see any problem with allowing them. ^^

Please note this is not Nakamura Yuichi (D-BOY). You may want this one instead: channaka

Header image scan credit to: kakushiteiru

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